Minimally Constructed, Maximumly Useful.

Light as a feather, but still nicely shaped. The high-twist wool is dressy, but still ultra-comfortable.

Why do we keep going on about half-line, buggy-lined, unlined, unconstructed coats? Because you asked.

You may not realize that’s what you’re asking for when you want a sportcoat or suit that’s great for travel, that you can fold up into a carry-on, ball up and use for a pillow, or wear when it’s swampy humid, but that’s what you want.

The two secrets to this kind of sport coat are the cut and the fabric. First things first, your sleeves have to be lined, just so you can slide your arms into the garment. Pockets should be patch to keep the pocket bags from showing inside. Aside from those two things, the interior of the coat doesn’t really need that much structure when it is cut to drape correctly on the wearer.

Now, about the fabric, you asked for it to be wrinkle-resistant and cool to wear. At Leviner Wood, we carry two bunches that fit the bill: a Hopsack High-twist wool and a Melange Woven wool.

The Hopsack High-twist has an open weave and is the dressier of the two lending itself to a coat that is more structured when it is made up. The open weave lets air flow through the fabric, keeping you cooler, and allows for a certain springiness to the hand giving it a bit of natural stretch to help shed wrinkles.

Woven wool fabrics make up and wear like cardigans. Only they look like sports coats. Ball ’em up, chuck ’em in the overhead, stuff ’em into a carry-on. Shake out the coat, slip it on and you’re off to a dinner. A woven pairs naturally with jeans and khakis as it is less dressy, but still appropriate.

You asked. Leviner Wood listened. Tons of patterns, solids and colors to choose from, Call Larry and start traveling in style and comfort.

A woven option.
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Somewhere In Between

You need something that’s not a suit and but is a bit more distinctive than dark jeans and a blazer because you’re a suit guy, right? You’d still like to fill the “smart casual” gap in your wardrobe, but you’re not really sure where to start.

Sound like you? May we suggest the Leviner Wood solution for dressing somewhere in between?

Above, we’ve made up a grey sportcoat with a pair of tailored trousers for a client who found himself in just such a situation. Look closely (sorry for the color discrepancy, the trousers are actually black), and you’ll see details taken from dress pants — the extended tab waistband and a besom, button-though back pocket — that keep things smart enough for a suit wearing guy. You may also notice that the trousers are stretch cotton, (sheds wrinkles like wool), and have top quarter pockets and a coin pocket, just like your favorite jeans, that keep things more casual.

Comfortable and casual, smart and a bit sophisticated. Checks all the boxes and comes in just about every color combination you could wish for. Ask Larry for help choosing your look when you need to land somewhere in between.

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We Love Ties, But….

As a men’s custom clothier, of course we love ties. This now superfluous bit of silk is one of the most unique ways to express yourself while sticking to the confines of traditional business dress. A tie is the classic Father’s Day gift, and we have a number of fine Italian designed examples hanging at the studio.

But this Father’s Day, why not think outside the (tie) box? Give him a chance to create something as unique as he is, a truly personal reflection of himself — custom clothing. Make a statement! Give him the Leviner Wood Gift Certificate. Call Larry for details today. 804.928.7946

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