An All-Round Suit? Throw Me a ‘Bone

There are grey suits and then there are grey suits. I could say the same thing about blue, or olive, or chocolate, come to think of it.

What separates one from another is detail and one of the easiest to spot is the fabric. But with so many to choose from, what’s a guy to do? Well, here at Leviner Wood Custom Tailors, we’re going to throw you a ‘bone. A Herringbone, specifically. It does sort of look like a fish’s skeleton, doesn’t it?Nice texture. Good visual interest. Interesting fabric all together. You can even choose the darkest grey to make your morning clothes in case you’re attending the Royal Enclosure at Ascot this year. Or an Italian wedding. Or a client meeting in Pittsburgh. It’s that versatile. Stock up now!

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A Perfect Match

Tweed, Donegal in this case, and alligator are a great study in texture. For those of you out and about in the rain, the cognac color of the belt will match very nicely with your LL Bean duck boots.

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Lightweight for Post Labor Day Humidity

Apparently, it’s going to rain later this week. Which means you’ll be running around in a raincoat. It is also the tail end of summer. Which means that it is still hot and humid.

When you’ve got to look professional and don’t look forward to the extra layers, why not make the layers as lightweight as possible?

Stripped of a lot of the lining at the back and minimally padded, this sportcoat, pioneered by the Southern Italians (who also know a bit about hazy, hot, and humid days…), is designed to help you keep your cool while looking your best. It’ll be your go-to until it’s time for wool, flannel and tweed.


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