Seize the Season.

In Virginia, the winters are usually never too cold, nor are our summers too…well, that’s going a bit far. It does get really humid here in Richmond.With this climate, and the fact that we spend most of our time in a controlled environment, the foundation of a vast majority of our client’s wardrobe is made up of “year-‘round” fabrics and colors.

But there is so much more to explore when you choose to embrace our seasons. And, frankly, our seasons are part of what makes Virginia so beautiful. We should celebrate them!  

Watch your inbox for recommendations from the Leviner Wood and John Cooper Collections for your Spring and Summer wardrobe. We’ll cover both what you should buy, and why you’ll find those pieces to be the most suitable and comfortable for the warmer months.

We’ll discuss things like:

• Spring and Summer suits in featherweight tropical wool (yes-wool.)

• The benefits of seersucker and linen

• Royal Oxford Travel Coats and open weave fabrics

• What makes a Spring and Summer sportcoat any different?

• Stretch cotton pants (in both 5 pocket and dress style) for work to weekends

• The best style and fabric choices for warm weather shirting

• Maybe even shorts … we’ll see.

Blessedly, our calendars are starting to fill up again with weddings, vacations, and other social and office events, And admit it, “wardrobe fatigue” is a thing. It’s a great feeling to move the back of the closet items to the front. Those seasonal garments suddenly feel new again! Which is why we suggest you reach out to schedule an appointment now (804-928-7946 — We look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. The new website, including our new John Cooper Collection, will be launching soon!

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At Home or In the Field

This was a new one for our tailors. When one of our clients couldn’t find a shooting vest that had both the features and the fit he needed, he turned to Leviner Wood to create a one-of-a-kind custom piece to see him through the birding season. The result was this stunning Harris Tweed tailored version featuring a longer length, ultrasuede shooting patch (and pocket reinforcement), and bellows pockets to accommodate his shells and other gear. Unlike a traditional dress vest, the shooting vest doesn’t rely on a back made of lining but is 100% Harris Tweed, front and back to help keep the wearer warm in the field.

Hunting for a new client or a better solution at the office? Leviner Wood has you covered, too. One of the easiest ways to upgrade your style without going full boardroom (especially for Zoom meetings) is to add an odd vest. In this case a blue and tan plaid with tan ultrasuede trimmed pockets and tan buttons to compliment his 5-pocket trousers and Chambray blue shirt.

At home, at work, or in the field, Leviner Wood has you covered. Call Larry to discuss your needs.

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A Refreshing Change.

A Leviner Wood Gift Certificate
Leviner Wood’s gift certificates make a perfect Valentine’s Day present.

As we prepare to reenter society and the workplace, we’re here to refresh your outlook with a few wardrobe upgrades. With custom suits, shirts, knitwear, trousers, 5 pocket pants, belts, and outerwear, Leviner Wood will help you greet the world outside in style. Call Larry and schedule an appointment today. You’re gonna feel great!

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