You’ve Got the Gift? Now What?

A Range

Someone was nice enough to give you a gift certificate to Leviner Wood Custom Clothiers. Very exciting! Where should you start?

There are two ways to answer that question.

Do you order from us often enough that you can just “play” with a new fine fabric, or bolder choice?

Or ….

Here’s a test. Take a look at the most recent photo of you in your best suit. Does it look like it was built ten years ago? Is it in style? How much have you changed since then?

If you’ve given that photo a sideways glance and thought “Is this too..?”, the answer is “Yes!” May we suggest a painless remedy to make you look as relevant, or even more so today, than you were then?

Our “A” Range fabrics are at the lowest prices you will ever see them. $795/suit*. with a minimum order of 2. (Reg. $995/ea.)

Call Larry today. At these prices the fabrics won’t last long (The one with the “X” by it is already sold out!)

*Two piece suit with standard construction.

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One Last Thing… Or Several!


If she’s really stumped, or you are very particular, ask for a Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers gift certificate. The new fabrics will begin arriving soon and the New Year is always a time to shine.  You may want to try more color (albeit subtle) in a sport coat. Or really go bold if you’ve got classic color and small patterns down. Got a year-end bonus? Look the part with the subtle luxury and sheen of high-end fabric. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try something new — a gift certificate can make it happen.

You think it up. We’ll make sure it looks great on you.

Call Larry and pick up or have the certificates mailed to you as needed.

Happiest of Holidays. And thank you  for allowing us to be of service.

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Do More Than Survive Winter, Thrive!


Sick of it yet? Cold and wet. Not our favorite weather at Leviner Wood. But, we’re doing quite well with it thanks to our incredibly soft glen plaid top coat. It goes with business clothing and over jeans equally well.

And the best part?

Weather Report

It is part of the Weather Report line. Which means it handles wind, rain and snow while still keeping you looking good.

Call Larry and get one today. Grey Glen Plaid Topcoat with Weather Report Technology, $650.

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