Because You Have to Come Off the Beach Sometime.

Might as well wear something that shows off that tan.

Summer fabrics available now! Call Larry to reserve your favorite before it’s gone.
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Spring Forward

Lighten up your fabrics and your color choices this spring. Even a custom shirt button can lighten your mood!

This last cold snap has us longing for spring here at Leviner Wood. Lighter fabrics, bolder colors, some sunshine….

One of the easiest additions to your spring wardrobe is a sport coat. It will work equally well with lightweight jeans, khakis, and worsted wool trousers.

Details count. Consider a different button, lining, or pattern from what your used to commissioning.

Look at those sleeve buttons, they’re made of a Brazilian nut. Little things like that let you wear your sportcoat without a tie and with less formal driving shoes or an exotic skin custom belt.

We’re definitely ready for spring this year. Are you? Call Larry to snag the best fabric choices before they’re gone for the season.

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Add a Jean

With all the weather we’ve been having lately, I bet your Bean boots have seen some action. While they go great with cords and flannels, Bean boots really look at home with khakis and jeans. There’s a pair lurking under the bench in the photo above.

So what do you wear with your foul weather gear? May we suggest keeping it professional with a pair of tailored jeans, an exotic belt and a custom sport coat? Both of the coats featured today work equally well with worsted trousers (tan in the photo above, black in the one below.)

Paired with a classic tie, custom shirt and sportcoat, black jeans push into the more formal end of the business casual spectrum. Drop the tie after work and you’re ready for attitude adjustment hour.

Yes, Leviner Wood carries some ready-to-wear jeans and 5 pocket canvas pants to vary your business casual and weekend wear wardrobes. Limited stock available! Call Larry now to learn more about colors and sizes left!

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