Spring Fling

Jacket on, meeting-proof. Jacket off, five o’clock somewhere…. Say, Leviner Wood, Friday? Give Larry a call…

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Win, Place or Show…

… Don’t worry about stepping out of your lane. With Leviner Wood’s custom tailoring you can rest assured that there will be no sartorial DQ when you unveil your summer colors.

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Outperforms Basic Shirts

Just a taste… there are 142 shirt fabrics from which to choose.

Here at Leviner Wood Custom Shirtmakers and Tailors we get a lot of requests for these. Often referred to as “no-wrinkle,” “easy-care,” “travel-friendly,” and the like, we call them “performance fabrics.”

For those of you who remember the early days of this stuff, you probably have PTSD flashing on stiff, unnatural feeling cloth, non-breathable sweatiness, and worse still, a short shelf life before all that chemical coating wore off.

Thankfully, today’s performance fabrics are a whole lot different. Breathable, soft, comfortable, and long-wearing even with frequent laundering. The secret lies with the fabric makers treating the strands at the micro-level before they’re woven into shirt fabric. and then using state of the art weaving techniques to produce naturally stretchy, breathable shirt fabrics. This is the stuff you’re going to love to take on the road, keep in the desk drawer for an emergency, or just save money with on your dry-cleaning bills.

Check out the fabrics and give Larry a call. The Dog Days are almost here. Might as well look sharp and stay comfortable.

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