Memorial Day To-Do’s: Spring Cleaning

Click through for a fantastic story on one of my favorite blogs: Maxminimus. That's his photo.

Click through for a fantastic story on one of my favorite blogs: Maxminimus. That’s his photo.

This weekend is Memorial Day and that means even the traditionalists among us can wear white trousers, linen suits, seersucker and white bucks. And while you’re switching out your winter wardrobe, please remember that this is the best time to clean your suits and sweaters and have them mended.

In need of reweaving? Spring and summer are the perfect seasons. Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything ready to wear on the first crisp day of autumn?

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Congratulations to Our Derby Day Winner


Our heartiest congratulations to Sean Tierney, who, despite being across the Pond working, took time to weigh in on his pick for the Kentucky Derby. Sean hit it on the nose and will have a new Leviner Wood custom shirt with our compliments.

Incidentally, that’s a Leviner Wood custom “bulletproof” blazer he’s wearing in the photo above. Here’s what he has to say about it.

If you remember, I wanted a “bulletproof” blue jacket for work.  No question that this is what I wore when I had my professional portrait made.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t show the full drape of the jacket, but I like the well-defined shoulders and the way the jacket lies smoothly across the back of the neck.  What doesn’t show is that I was sitting, but with the jacket buttoned to keep it closed and not gaping.  Only a well-tailored jacket will allow you to sit and keep it buttoned at the same time without pulling.  Definitely the best investment I’ve made so far!

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Giveaway: A Shirt for the Winner’s Circle.

Orb in Kentucky Derby winner's circle

This Saturday is the Kentucky Derby and to thank you for being subscribers to our emails, Leviner Wood is giving you the chance to win a custom shirt.

All you have to do is pick your horse and leave the comment in the comments section below. Your chances end at 5:00 PM May 2nd! One entry per person and in the event of several of you picking the winner, a randomly selected one of you will be picked from the winner’s circle.

Good Luck!

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