Making a Name for Himself


“Leviner Wood was well-represented on The Hill and at The Pentagon today. The signature cuff was the subject of much praise and jealousy…”

It’s always nice to hear from clients, and sometimes the news can be  surprising, as when we received these photos and a nice email from Tyler Johnson.  We knew he was interning. We didn’t realize it was with the Joint Army Experimentation Division. Tyler is an interesting guy. He is researching future challenges to the US Army and the Army’s avenues of response. His research will be published at the end of the summer.  In the meantime, he shares his findings with higher-ups at the Joint Staff Army Strategic Studies Group.

Tyler Johnson

Like the Army, Tyler faced a challenge himself. He is a trim 20-something with long arms, which makes buying off the rack almost impossible. A gift from his family friends made sure that Tyler’s shirts fit the bill and played well on the Hill! Tyler chose to add a signature monogram to his shirts. Here’s a young man who is making a name for himself in more ways than one.


Remember his name, can the Sunday talk shows be far behind?

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Fabric of the Month: Linen


LinenThere comes a time when a man needs nothing but comfortable clothing. That time is high summer. But just because the temperatures soar, doesn’t mean that your commitment to looking good has to plummet.

Enter linen, the fabric of Pharaohs. In a unconstructed garment, linen lets every breeze through. Will it wrinkle, yes. But, while others at the party wilt under their fully lined, “year-round” wool suits, you will continue to be the envy of those in the know.

100% Linen, unconstructed sport coats with all the details, working sleeve buttons, notch or peak collar, leaf-turned collars, finished seams, etc. . $695.

Those sweaty, envious looks are worth every penny.

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Holidays are for dressing casually, but well. This 4th of July, may we suggest an American classic combination of seersucker and broadcloth? Don’t forget white bucks, or pincord. Khaki shorts and white bucks, a red and white or blue and white striped buttons down will set you style miles above the huddled masses in polo shirts and cargo shorts.


Happy Independence Day from all of us at Leviner Wood.

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