Definitely Not Your Grandfather’s Seersucker

(Blue seersucker suit shown here with a naturally thermo-regulating merino wool shirt.)

Seeresucker’s genius is that the puckering weave lets only 30% of the fabric touch you at any time, which makes for more air flow and a cooler wearing garment. And that’s why it was such a staple of summer wardrobes back in the day here in the south.

But, as you can see from the photo above, this is not your grandfather’s blue and white striped seersucker. We’ve made this one up in a rich blue on blue stripe that dresses up or down with ease. In fact, it looks great with a black t-shirt as a suit or worn with just the suit coat and jeans.

This summer is shaping up to be a hot one, too, so we decided to leave the lining out of the equation to further enhance the suit’s cool-wearing properties. Well, not all the lining, we’ve kept the sleeves lined to let them skim over your shirtsleeves and quarter-lined the back at the shoulders for easing into the coat, which really lets the seersucker fabric do its thing.

(Minimal lining and fully finished seams keep things cool and neat.)

Keep your cool and look cool doing it. Call Larry today and get in your order for when it gets really hot and humid… (Available in several colors!)

(Shown here with a lightweight linen, bamboo and cotton blend shirt.)

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For Summer’s Urban Adventures

Life’s an adventure.

Or it should be if you’re doing it right.

Meet the challenge of dressing well while dressing casually with a versatile linen jacket like the one shown above. Completely unlined, it wears like a linen shirt allowing every breeze through to keep you cool while providing you with four pockets for your everyday carry. Easily worn with jeans and khakis, it can also be “dressed up” with a shirt and tie, thanks to the notch collar, for last minute meetings or dinners in town.

Introducing The Urban Safari Jacket from The John Cooper Collection for Leviner Wood. Unusually sophisticated casual. This is the new custom.

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The Super Suit for Summer.

After more than a year of working from home, we know what you’re thinking: “nothing is more comfortable than the athleisure stuff I’ve been wearing up to now.”

Leviner Wood would like you to reconsider that opinion by having a Drago “Bluefeel” Super-140s, eco-friendly, tropical weight wool suit made up for this spring and summer. Yes, wool.

Wool was one of the world’s first technical fabrics, and the Bluefeel line offers exceptional performance. It is naturally wicking, extremely breathable, water and stain resistant, and has natural stretch that helps it spring back into shape and resist creasing. In addition, the natural fibers are married with sun-reflecting technology! With our unconstructed build and minimalist 1/3rd lining, we’ve knocked the stuffiness out of the suit and let the tropical weight wool do its thing to keep you comfortable.

Introducing the super suit for summer from The John Cooper Collection.

(We were going to style it with a Mont Blanc fountain pen in the pen pocket, but it effectively doubled the weight of the suit…)

Seriously, you won’t believe that you’re “dressed up.” It sure won’t feel like it, even if you do look like a million bucks. Call Larry today, pick out your fabric and enjoy your new favorite suit all Spring and Summer long.

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