Your Custom Stimulus Package

On-line or on the road, don’t hide behind sweats when Leviner Wood’s custom fabrics with built in stretch in cooling blends will keep you business ready and comfortable. These fabrics are so versatile they can take you from practicing your swing at the golf course to lunch in the clubhouse, hastily called Zoom meeting to socially distanced drinks at 5. If you’ve been living in Johnnie O, level up to the custom version made to fit your unique measurements.

How this works: We’ve put together two custom packages to make it easy, especially if we already have your measurements on file.*

Custom Stimulus Package #1: Pick 1 pair of cotton twill trousers and any two shirts for $495.

Custom Stimulus Package #2: Take care of the whole week. Pick any 5 shirts and 2 pairs of trousers for $995. (That’s like getting a free shirt when you buy 4!)

Call Larry today to take advantage of this very unique offer. 804.928.7946

*If you need to come in to have your measurements taken, we are following all the appropriate guidelines to keep us all safe. We’ve even installed an air cleaner that filters airborne contaminants down to virus size up to 5 x an hour!

4 way stretch trousers
Easy Care Patterned Shirts w/ Stretch
Solid knit cotton shirts
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