You Know What You Need? 5 Pockets. Office Fit.

My friend’s father may be a former government employee and winemaker, but he has the mind of an entrepreneur. Faced with a problem and lack of tools, he could invent the solution on the spot.

“You know what you need? A sort of combination espresso machine and cooler.” He’d opine after a moment’s thought.

Which is why I think he’d approve of the five-pocket tailored trousers you see above. Built with five pockets and a tailored fit like your favorite jeans, they are finished with back pockets typically found on dress trousers. Your choice of belt loops or an extended tab waistband and London side tabs (very useful during TSA screenings — no belt!). Throw on a untucked shirt and head for a drink, or tuck in, add a blazer and you’re ready for the office meeting. They are the best of both worlds and will quickly become your go-to cotton khakis.

You know what you need? Leviner Wood’s custom tailored, five-pocket, go-to khakis.

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