You Are Cordially Invited to Celebrate the Wedding

We wanted to make sure that this client never forgot his anniversary.

What a great feeling to start fielding phone calls and scheduling appointments for fittings for fiancés and groomsmen in advance of those wonderful wedding celebrations!

Here at Leviner Wood, we are often the first stop for a groom-to-be. In fact, we may be the least stressful and most fun part of the wedding preparations (a good menu and cake tasting is a close second though.) Over the years we’ve made everything from traditional tuxedos to white linen two-piece suits to (ahem) suit any and all wedding styles.

We offer practical advice on what to wear and when (and why it’s correct, if you’re curious), measure you for your clothing, and suggest colors, fabrics and styles that will have you feeling comfortable, confident and damned good-looking on your special day. Leviner Wood’s Wedding Packages give you any number of choices to suit your tastes and budget — ready-to-wear, semi-custom for those who are more difficult to fit, and complete made-to measure services.

Our best wishes for a bright future together and a very happy wedding day!

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