Wrap Yourself Up. You Can Take It In Mongolian Cashmere.

(Mongolian Cashmere topcoat by Leviner Wood. Coat model’s own.)

Here’s another alternative that goes equally well with jeans and your best suit, as modeled by our man Bo.

We know how stressful the first quarter of the new year can get, and adding in the cold, icy and dark days can affect your mood for the worse. Which is why we at Leviner Wood always recommend wrapping yourself in understated luxury. You have to touch it to believe it. Let winter throw its best and worst your way. Wrap yourself up and you can take it. Pure Mongolian cashmere in a classic caramel color made to your measure. It may look like camel hair, but this is the best of the best, ounce for ounce one of the warmest fabrics in the world and so soft that your significant other will want to slip it on as a bathrobe.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. That paints a nice picture, doesn’t it?

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