Wrap Yourself in Italian Flannel.

There are flannel shirts and then there are flannel shirts. These are the latter.

Marked by rich colors and highly wearable patterns these are not your typical woodsman’s flannel. Less cutting a cord of wood, more strolling the vineyard at late-harvest.

The Tessitura Monti company was founded in Italy in 1911 and, five generations later, is still a family concern. The mill uses the finest long-staple cotton woven into a twill which is then brushed to a wonderfully soft and warm finish that will just improve with age. Best of all, the way Leviner Wood’s tailors build your custom shirt means that it can be worn under a sportcoat or sweater, or on its own. Flannel pairs naturally with tweed, denim, corduroy and twill trousers. (Pro tip: try the shirt under a car coat and paired with a pair of gray jeans.)

If you’re looking to stay warm and comfortable this autumn and winter, you might as well look really good doing it. Call Larry now and enjoy your shirts all season long.

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