Wool and Silk for Leviner Wood Spring/Summer ’17

It’s in the air! Spring and Summer, with brighter sun and warmer days is arriving at breakneck speed. And, with the seasons, comes out newest batch of fabrics, all incredible! Take a look at the selection above! Bright, airy, go-with khakis and dark trousers alike, and white and pastel shirts are easy to pair up with the wool and silk blends.  Consider a half-lining to let the air get to your back. Do more than consider them though, these are going to go fast. Especially for the prices we’ve locked in!

Made in the USA, Wool and Silk Blend Sport Coat: $895.

Can’t decide among them? Buy two or more at: $795/ea.

Come in to see the full range or call Larry and ask for one of the ones pictured. (Click the photo to go to the full size render and order by number.)

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