Why You Can’t Go Wrong With a Three Piece Suit

We here at Leviner Wood admit it, there should be a little bit of Bond in every man. And the easiest way to walk the walk is in a three piece suit. In the photo above it says: I’m a professional and aside from that automatic weapon, you have the contents of at least a dozen more pockets to contend with.

A well-tailored three piece suit will set you apart from the crowd. In the office you may remove your jacket, most of us do. With the vest in place you remain a bit better dressed than most of your colleagues and the pockets are perfect for cell phones, pens, business cards, what have you.

The style of the vest is up to you. There are those who prefer to have a traditional six button vest, like the one on Craig above. Others may like to add a peak, shawl or notch lapel. A good look without that suit coat in place! Dandies among you wear a four or six button double-breasted version with a shawl lapel. The back may be made in the same fabric as the suit or from the same lining that you’ve chosen for the coat.

A lot has been said about the appropriateness of the vest if you don’t wear suspenders. While suspenders ensure that your trouser waistband and shirt will never be seen under your vest, if your trousers are cut correctly and you choose the extension waistband and sidestraps or buckles, you’re in the clear, sartorially speaking. Consider a vest, especially if you’re The Chairman of the Board. Or just want to look like him.

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