Whenever Skies Get Grey


We’re tempted to add a little color to our wardrobe choices. Color helps us look better when we don’t have tans. One of the most natural pairings on the color wheel is grey with purple. Just look closely at the pinstripes in the grey worsted fabric in the photo. That shirt can bring out the subtlety of the lavender stripe in the suit.

Color theory states that purple sends the subliminal messages of “artistic, mysterious, charming, dramatic, entertaining, aloof, creative, witty, temperamental, regal, diplomatic, sophisticated.”

“OK, great,” you’re thinking, “so what color tie would I wear with that?” Dark blue, charcoal, black, deep purple… even forest green in the right circumstances. That would be for you “creative, witty” types.

Color can go a great way to customizing the message you want your clients and employees to get. Successful, diplomatic, regal, sophisticated… anyway you look at it, you’re a man who pays attention to details. Come in a pick a few fabrics for the new year to come.

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