What’s Your Poison?

Clancy held no great affection for Frazier, either. He constantly referred to George as a “prissy” writer and after George left his office after a rather unpleasant meeting about his disintegrating deadline discipline, reeking of Fabergé or whatever cologne he was partial to at the time, Clancy turned to the others in the room and asked sardonically, “Just what do we have to do to get that guy to smell like a man?”

(Fountain, Charles “Another Man’s Poison: The Life and Writing of Columnist George Frazier”, the Globe Pequot Press, 1984, p. 218)

John Webb, a WWII submariner stationed on a Naval base in St Thomas, was the man to bring St John’s colognes to the world. He moved to St Thomas in 1946 to make his dream a reality. The distinctive “fish-pot weave” of Tyre palm leaves was introduced in 1952 when he met St Barth’s native Joe Felix and before long some 200 families were involved in the production of the iconic Bay Rum bottle. In 1959, West Indian Lime was introduced to cities and college towns across America. Today the fragrances in their unique packaging are sold throughout the world and right here at the Studio on Monument Avenue in Richmond, VA.

So what’s your poison? Either one will leave you smelling like a man … in  a good way.

4 oz. Bay Rum or West Indian Lime Cologne. $40.00

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  1. Paul says:

    I love that stuff.. it smells so good, I could (almost) drink it!

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