What Is It About the Italians?

Let’s talk casual–sound like it should be easier to dress casually? Yes, it does. It’s also far easier to trip up and that makes for another another good reason to talk to Leviner Wood, where we understand your individual style.

Are we talking about business casual, social casual, golf or tennis casual, or yard clothes?  Excluding yard clothes, it is reasonable to assume ‘overlap’ on some items. (We’ll address this subject at a later post.)

But for now, if you have a section in your closet for social casual — impressing your wife, girlfriend, or friends alike — save a spot for Luchiano Visconti.

Leave it to the Italians to put some fun back into the weekend with shirts that stand out in a  good way. Trim cut, outrageously cool fabrics and great details like contrasting lining make a Luchiano Visconti shirt perfect for cocktails at the bar on Saturday night, or the perfect compliment to linen trousers for that “dressy casual” party. Luchiano Visconti’s vision is predicated on what the modern man wants to wear today.  It is about discovering and creating a fresh, new, individual style for yourself.  Luchiano Visconti uses the finest imported fabrics and combines different prints together to produce contrast details on the collars, cuffs, and placket for a unique look at a great price. We carry regular sizing as well as Big and Tall.  In sport shirts we start at small and go up to 6X and in dress shirts we start at 15 1/2 32-33 and go up to a 22 inch neck with a 42 1/2 sleeve length and every sleeve length in the middle.

They may not be for everyone, but for those of you looking to break out of the same old, same old polo-shirt-on-the-weekend routine, Visconti fits the bill. Call Leviner Wood- we’ll help you select the shirt just right for you from our extensive inventory. You won’t believe how good you look in one. Come on in and try. And yes, some are even paisley.

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