What Exactly is a “Custom Clothier” and Why Do I Want One?


(Master Tailor Angelo Falco)

There are two types of men in the world. Those who don’t give a damn about how they look and those who do.

Of the latter type, there is a subgenre of men who do care what they wear, but don’t want to look as though they spent any time at all thinking about it and certainly don’t want to spend any time in a store with an uninformed salesperson. The fact that you are reading this leads me to believe that you are one of those discriminating men.

Looking as good as possible boils down to one essential element: fit. And fit is what we do better than any off the rack manufacturer and alterations tailor can do.

Is one arm shorter than the other? Are you longer of torso or leg? Does your neck angle forward? Are your shoulders wider or more narrow? Do you require clothing that moves with you instead of floating away from you? Are your thighs heavily muscled? Or would you like to look more muscular? Leaner? Taller? These are all things that are taken into consideration when we get to know you. Fit and proportion are adjusted to your best advantage.

Yes, we start with a block pattern, as the standard garment manufacturer does, but that is where many of the similarities end. Working from a series of your measurements, that pattern is (Altered, changed, reworked, redrawn and cut) to suit your particular build and shape.  Your pattern is now your own, stored in our files, ready to be called up and used in the making of your suit.

Using a combination of machine sewing for the straight seams, handwork for all curved seams and hand finishing for every detail, your Leviner Wood suit will be the best made, most comfortable garment that you own.

But don’t think that your choices end with the standard choices of two or three button, blue, grey, striped, patterned or plain. At Leviner Wood, we offer you a vast array of cloth from which to choose. Winter, Summer, Three and Four Season weights are all available in a thousand subtle shades to best suit your complexion. The number of buttons is up to you. As are the choices between double breasted, single breasted, two or three pieces, peaked lapel, notched or shawl collars, curtained waistbands or not, belt loops, sidestraps, or rigged for braces/suspenders … your options are limitless. Edwardian Dandy, Mad Man, Italian, English Drape or American Trad, we can help you project your image to the world.

Don’t know where to start? We do. We will make buying clothing fun, very easy and very satisfying. After all, we want your clothing to fit you and Leviner Wood to fit your lifestyle.

Please call for an appointment and to take advantage of a special 20% discount for first time clients this September* (In Richmond, VA please telephone (804) 358-1387)

* Returning clients receive the same benefit when you introduce us to a new client and he places his first order. Offer valid September 2009, only.

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