We’re In This Together: Meet Zach McAfee.

This is an unusual time, so rather than our usual gorgeous sport coat and shirt patterns, we’re going to shift focus for the duration.

We are going to start a series of posts that will feature one of our “ambassadors” — because “client” or “customer” is inadequate — attach their link, and ask “how can we help?” 

If you’d like something memorable to occupy your time while quarantined, let us introduce you to Zach McAfee of Sim Seats. (Click the link to visit his site and check out the photos!)

Zach created Sim Seats in 2009, which builds USA made high-quality driving simulators. We’re talking about NASCAR serious. As they like to say “don’t limit your track time to the weekend.”

We asked Zach, “How can the Leviner Wood community (that’s all of you) help?”

His reply, 

Contact me to set up a private demonstration at our studio at Parham and Staples Mill. We are adhering to strict CDC guidelines!”

We strongly endorse Zach, and appreciate his patronage!

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