We’re In This Together: Main Line Brewery

We’re all in this together, and as we start opening up for business again, we at Leviner Wood are highlighting a few of our local Ambassadors. Ambassadors because they’re so much more than just clients. These are the folks who help keep us going.

Today, meet Sterling Roberts and Gary McDowell, two childhood pals who decided to have a little fun and let you in on it, too. ‘Cause the Governor has just announced that Patio season is back on.

Gary, Sterling and their first can customer, Larry. The drop was made on the stage to encourage social distancing.

Main Line Brewery is their brainchild. A craft brewhouse located along the Richmond Railway Main Line offers a wide, curated selection of both classic and original styles of beer and hard seltzer paired with live music, lawn games, and community events. All appropriately socially distant, of course. Visit their facebook page for news and upcoming events. Like their newly available 4-pack of mix and match 16 oz. cans (we’re proud to say that Larry was the first customer to buy a pack!) and a soon to be announced outdoor musical event.

Hope to see you out here soon!
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