We’re In This Together: Mac Wood — Local Artist

Even artists need one good suit- especially if you can create the lining yourself.  Mac has digitally made custom lining for some of Leviner Wood’s clients. 

We’re all in this together, and as we start opening up for business again, we at Leviner Wood are highlighting a few of our local Ambassadors. Ambassadors because they’re so much more than just clients. These are the folks who help keep us going. In this case, by making art.

Meet Mac Wood, local maker, artist, musician, Douglas Freeman Leadership School and VCU School of arts graduate. We asked what we could do to help.

“Remember your artists. We’re still working. Right now I’m looking for residential mural commissions to help you make a kitchen, living room, bedroom, really unique and special.”

The artwork for the stage. There are more throughout the facility.

He has a lot of experience in creating something really unique. Click to visit his website to get a taste of his talents. And then catch some of his work around town. Custom is his specialty.

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