Weekend Warrior


It used to be a derogatory term “weekend warrior,” sort of like “armchair quarterback.” I imagine that 18 month deployments by reservists and the National Guard troops may have changed that. I like to think so.

So, too, the idea that weekends are made for living in sweats. Hanging around the house? OK. Out in public? Other than the gym? Not so much. There comes a time in man’s life when he should look as good off-duty as he does slaying corporate dragons. WWJBD? What would James Bond do?

Something like the things above, albeit with an ankle holster.

A custom sport coat with a deep eggplant windowpane that is brought out with a pair of custom, well-fitted flat front, deep brown corduroy trousers, a quarter-zip marled brown sweater and a custom blue and brown check shirt. Throw in a pair of brown leather wingtip boots and you’ll look better than 99% of the men out there with little or not effort. Short of the polar vortex sitting over us, a scarf and some gloves will be all you need to go from car to bar. Add a Barbour coat or your topcoat when temps plunge lower than your date’s neckline.

Because a weekend warrior never gives in when he knows he can win.

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