Weddings & Occasions

While we have the ability to make garments in as little as four weeks, we’d like more time to ensure that all the “i’s” are dotted and all the “t’s” crossed. If possible, please allow 6-8 weeks before your big day!

It’s a big day for your fiancée and she’s busy with a million details. Why not have a little fun yourself?

Come in with your crew and treat yourselves to a drink, watch a game, or have a cigar on the front porch all while getting you and your groomsmen measured up for your wedding clothes.

From suits to tuxedos, best man to father-of-the-bride, we’ve got you covered.

Full Made-to-Measure Custom packages for the Groom begin at $865. We respectfully request that you give us six weeks from the date we first take your measurements to allow for any last-minute adjustments. Ask to see our stock suit and tuxedo selections for your groomsmen.  For the same price as renting, they could own their own! Our ready-to-wear Groomsmen Packages for 2021 start at $300.

We here at Leviner Wood look forward to working with you to help ensure that you will look at least half as good as your significant other. Congratulations!

Dads and Grads

We’re not affiliated, but we can’t recommend locally distilled Cirrus Vodka highly enough.

You’ve got him this far, and you’re proud of his accomplishments. But, before you send him off into the world, you have one last piece of fatherly wisdom to impart.

First impressions do matter. Find a good tailor and stick with him.

Help him put his best foot forward (get him in the door) with his first custom suit. Celebrate this or any event with complimentary hors d’oeuvres and beverages, while we will attend to your sartorial requests.  Please call Larry (804.928.7946) to discuss the menu and schedule a date for your son(s) to have an authentic taste of what your success has brought you. (a first taste of the rewards of being a successful professional.)

Attractive starting price points and a unique, well-fitted, luxury garment. Give an authentic experience and a cherished memory to your newly minted adult.

After all, they’re your children. Have them look the part.

The Legacy Solution

Leviner Wood is pleased to announce a new service for our loyal clientele. Should your young man find himself in need of a tuxedo for prom or a wedding, why borrow or rent?

You may purchase a tuxedo (100% Wool) for $300. If necessary, our tailors will alter the coat sleeves and pant length (at no cost to you). Our objective is not to make money on this sale, but to introduce your son to the Leviner Wood experience. There will be a time when your son will need blazers, custom shirts, and job interview suits- ultimately he will need appropriate professional attire. Our objective in the “Legacy Solution” is to offer an alternative to the costly, low quality garments and by doing so, earn the right to make clothing for another generation.

This program is offered to only Leviner Wood clients. If your son outgrows the tuxedo (lengthening the pant and sleeve length may sometimes work) and you wish to do something other than donating the tuxedo to a charity or friend, you may return it back to Leviner Wood for a 100$ credit off your next purchase.

Let him experience first-hand what it’s like to have good clothing and a first-rate custom tailor and shirtmaker on his side.

Call Larry for more details.