Wedding Suits Weather or Not.

Something always goes wrong at a wedding. In this case, it was the track of Hurricane Irene that looked to put a damper on the proceedings as it bore down on Richmond, VA. Regardless, Benji and Kelly were going to get married come Hell or high water. Leviner Wood made sure that the groom and his groomsmen were properly outfitted for the nuptials with Our (newly available) ready-to-wear light gray pinstriped suits (Benji had their wedding date embroidered inside the coat), a shirt for the groom and ties for the wedding party.

Her wellies were a stroke a style genius.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Tull! You’ve already weathered the storm and we wish you clear skies for your lives together. For the story, please click through to the article by Jeremy Slayton for the Richmond Times-Dispatch.





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