Weather Report: Courage Comes In Wool and Cashmere.

WeatherReportYou’ve all heard the weather report by now. Even Richmond is going to get cold;record level cold tonight and tomorrow.

But work won’t stop. And you won’t either. How many underground parking garages are there in the River City? No worries, you’re covered with a coat that is longer than a car coat, and shorter than an overcoat. That is, it fits over a suit and is comfortable to drive in.


The other thing about this coat is that it is storm proof — rain, wind, snow, doesn’t matter — and, the inner zippered placket makes it unnecessary to carry a scarf. By the way, it is made of cashmere and wool. Storm proof. Wool and cashmere. Yup. Ain’t technology grand?


Speaking of tech, whether you’re old school, new school or ready to school anybody, the Weather Report coat is definitely your choice. Inner pockets handle all the usual suspects, wallet, pens, phone, PDA, passport, and, for you die-hard sports business section readers, a folded newspaper.


The Weather Report Storm Proof Coat. Courage to face the coming storm. $425.

Those are wool and cashmere socks in the chukkas by the way… ultimate comfort and warmth… $59/pr.

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