Trousers, Pants, Britches? Yes.

The newest trouser fabrics for Spring and Summer 2017 have dropped!

Yes, we say “trousers,” as we take our sartorial terms from the English, where “pants” refer to undergarments. As for britches….. not unless you’re going riding and need a pair of Jodhpurs.

Regardless… we’ve got them.

So many of us are not required to wear suits to work these days, which makes bringing our A-games that much more of a challenge. Why default to the khakis and polo shirt? Leviner Wood is pleased to announce the fabrics for the Spring/Summer of 2017 offer a wonderful variety of subtle, classic, and modern fabrics for your dress trousers.

If you only wear wool, we’ve got the lighter weights and colors that you look for in hot weather. Branching out or in a creative environment? Try linens and cottons in patterns that pair perfectly with sports shirts (and polos, just no logos, please…)

Call Larry today and order your favorites before the fabrics are gone!

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