Trends That Last


The three-piece suit is having a renaissance of late. It does that every decade, which makes it a trend that lasts in our mind.

Where it was once most desirable for the extra layer of warmth, the vest of the three-piece evolved to become a status symbol of upper management types. It allowed you to work in your shirt sleeves without sacrificing the formality of the suit. It held your pocket watch with its PBK fob, if you were Thomas Crowne.

Nowadays, the three-piece is having a moment. In our deconstructed suit days, we see the suit coat and the vest being worn with tailored cargo trousers in Milan. But here at Leviner Woods, we continue to view the three piece as one of the suits that sets that sets you apart from the off-the-rack crowd. Vests, you see, aren’t easy to tailor. Ill-fitting vests are the mark of ready-to-wear. Short vests are indicative of the hipster (why would you want to show that puff of shirt and a belt???) Which brings us to another point. Vests are made to be worn with trousers with a classic (and comfortable) rise, cut with side tabs and/or suspenders (again, waaaaay comfortable.)

Vests come in a variety of styles, few of which you will ever see on an off-the-rack suit. There is the classic vest that you’re thinking of now, the lapeled vest (as seen above, made for a State Department client of ours currently serving in Albania), and the double-breasted vest, which is truly spectacular. The Db comes in several variations, too. Stop in so we can show you the different configurations.

Consider a three-piece in order to stand out, in the best possible way.

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