Tradition Suits Us

(Image GQ, December 2008)

We’ve heard it said that productivity suffers by 30% when the workforce is dressed down. Well, we at Leviner Wood would like to add that we bet it suffers even more when the workers are inappropriately fitted.

Simply put, the newer slim suits are great, if you’re a newer slimmer sort of guy. Or if you consider dressing as performance art like the fellow above. But if you’ve got a bit of experience behind you, and can’t fit into your college football uniform any longer, you will look and feel better in traditionally tailored clothing.

What do we mean by traditionally tailored and how does a custom suit from Leviner Wood fit you better?

Let’s start by the numbers, and by that we really do mean the numbers. We take measurements, the old fashioned way, with a tailor’s tape measure. Those measurements and a lot of years of experience allow us to make your suit to fit you, instead of relying on tailoring after the fact to get it closer to fitting the way you must when you purchase an off-the-rack garment.

Our traditionally tailored suits are cut to hang nicely from your shoulders. The higher armhole is more comfortable and will allow the collar of the suit to hug your neck even when you’re waving your arms around to make a point or leaping in the air to celebrate a done deal.

Your trousers will be cut to your measurements, taking into account your waist size, the way you stand, the circumference of your thighs, the length of your foot and they will be cut to rest either at your natural waist or where you like to wear your trousers. If you enjoy the freedom of movement and the comfort that only pleated trousers can offer, we recommend that you wear your trousers at your natural waist, and even with suspenders to help them hang correctly.

Don’t believe the hype. Pleats don’t look sloppy when you have clothing made for you and you wear your trousers correctly. And not everybody should wear a slim suit. Tradition has its place in the modern world. We think it’s here at Leviner Wood Custom Clothiers and Shirtmakers.

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