Tough Skins Are A Supple Luxury


This is not one of my hides. The guy to whom I issue my alligator license in Louisiana doesn’t supply our makers. To my mind, that goes to show how discriminating they are about their exotic skins.

This is real luxury. Unlike their embossed calfskin brethren, real croc, ‘gator, stingray, shark, ostrich, buffalo, and lizard wear longer and look better. Combined with hand-cutting to ensure your fit, this is one of the finest belts in the world. We’ve even had a double thick belt made to accommodate a client’s need for concealed carry of a full-sized 1911. (And if you’d like a matching iPad sleeve and money clip…. just ask.)

Me? I’m partial to a green alligator, D-ring. But only because I have a range of brown and tan at my disposal. Eventually, I’ll hand them down to my son. It’s what my Dad did for me. Yes, they’re that good.

Made in America. Custom for you.

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