To B or Not To B?

Does your belt match your shoes? Why worry? Side adjusters allow you to skip that detail, especially useful if you travel with more than one pair of shoes. Speaking of travel, it’s bad enough that you have to slip out of your slip-ons, but removing your belt, too? Why go to the bother if you don’t have to?

Side adjusters have been around forever and are now turning up on ready-to-wear trousers, too. Combined with buttons to allow you to attach your suspenders/braces, they give you an infinitely adjustable level of comfort, without cutting the visual vertical line in half the way a belt does.

Why is that important? Your tailor is always looking for ways to make you look taller and slimmer. A belt calls attention to that area to which the more prosperous among us may have added a bit of padding over the years. Imagine adding a tan belt (to match your tan shoes, of course) to the picture above. Where is your eye drawn?


To B(elt) or Not to B(elt)? That’s the question. What is your answer?

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