‘Tis the Season: Formal Wear

Cooler weather can only mean one thing… Formal wear. Alright, there’s football, too.

Formal wear is having a bit of a moment right now. Everything and anything goes when it comes to dinner jackets/tuxedos. And not one of them will be out of style in the next five years! So if you’re thinking of trying something new, may we recommend…

The Double-Breasted Dinner Jacket.


Mr. Ford in no way endorses Leviner Wood. Although he looks splendid.

It just looks so pulled together. A bonus is that you don’t have to wear a vest or a cummerbund with the DB. Make sure your cut is a peak lapel, six button to fasten two (six x 2), or a four button, also fastening two (4 x 2.) Lapel width should be proportionate to your chest and shoulders, somewhere between 3 1/4 and 4 1/2″, depending.

The Tailored Tux.


Craig. Daniel Craig in a midnight blue tuxedo.

Craig. Daniel Craig in a midnight blue tuxedo.

The new cut is a slimmer silhouette and is almost universally flattering. Slimmer, NOT skinny is the key. Flat front trousers and a single breasted shawl, notch or peak lapel will keep you in style and in fashion without being uncomfortable. Many men are opting for a satin waistband that replaces the need for a cummerbund.  Keeping the jacket tailored and a bit longer than the trendy short cut, and the trousers with a slightly higher than the current low-rise fashion, helps the button stance align correctly making sure that your shirt isn’t peaking through. This is the time to look good and the tailored tux is the way to go.

The Velvet Smoking Jacket.


Wear it with your tux trousers, formal shirt and bow tie and you’re ready for a glamorous evening in or out and about. Wear it with trousers or jeans, Chelsea boots and an open neck shirt, and pass any velvet rope into the latest clubs.


The key is to style it with a notch or peak lapel and one or two buttons. I like either a single or two buttons at the cuffs. Keep the velvet tones dark. We recommend midnight blue or burgundy with self-faced lapels.

Formal wear doesn’t have to mean stiff! Call Larry and see what Leviner Wood can do to lighten your holiday party mood.

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