Time to Clean Out the Closet.

Little help….

Do you have a little more time on your hands lately? Are you staying home for vacation this year as we are? Time to start a new project around the house? As things begin to open back up, it’s time to sort out your closet.

Getting your wardrobe squared away is actually fairly easy, unless you are a collector, amateur clothes historian and/or clotheshorse (looking at you, Elegantologist….) The goal is to have everything in your closet fit, and be age and occasion appropriate. There are just three things that need to happen:

  1. Take all your clothing out of the closet and dump it on the bed, or in the spare room.
  2. Sort it into three piles: Keep, Repair, Donate.
  3. Follow through.

“Keep” this one is the hardest for most of us. If it’s a vintage piece you love that holds a lot of meaning, a beautifully made garment that fits and is still your style, or your significant other thinks it makes you look like a god, it goes in this pile.

“Repair” is the pile that holds things that need to be professionally cleaned, rewoven, stitched up or needs zippers, buttons, etc. replaced. (Reweaving is hard to find, try Reweaving of Richmond, especially since it’s off season!) If we made it here at Leviner Wood Custom Clothing and Shirtmakers, give us a call and we’ll look into the repair. (804.928.7946)

“Donate” AMVETS , Diversity Thrift, Vietnam Veterans of VA all will pick up clothing when you schedule a request.

That’s it, really. Go get it!

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