This Summer, Roll With It

With the warmer weather, we at Leviner Wood Custom Clothiers find ourselves in shirtsleeves more often than not. We’ve even been known to ditch the tie on the odd day. Which is when we remember with a certain fondness the old Brook Brothers Oxford Cloth Buttondown shirt (called the OCBD on the forums….)

That buttondown staple of our youth was great to wear without a jacket, without a tie and without trousers (thrown over your swimsuit coming back from the pool or during a sail.) It got softer with age, wore like iron and had the perfect collar roll. Perfect.

They don’t do that anymore, the perfect collar roll. Three things seem to have changed: the shorter length of the points on the collars, the addition of lining on collars and cuffs and the positioning of the collar buttons. Don’t get us started on how the non-iron stuff feels.

“But wait!” you shout. “You’re a custom clothier and shirtmaker, doesn’t that mean anything?”

OK, you caught us. If you’d like to revisit that iconic cut, the OCBD with the perfect collar roll, give a call. We can make them just as good as you remember. Even with or without the billowing material around the waist. And for those of you who miss the yellow, blue, red or green stripes… custom may be the only way left to go. We might even find that perfect pink that fades beautifully under the summer sun and salt spray.

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