This Lightweight Suit is a Heavyweight Contender for Summer

IMG_3305 (1)

At Leviner wood, we’re always up for a challenge and we aim to please you with our garments. So we were really happy when one of our clients asked for the lightest suit we could make. Did we choose cotton? Linen? Silk, and linen blends? No.

We chose wool. Breathable, lightweight, wrinkle resistant and boardroom appropriate, wool was the answer. Next, we stripped out all the padding, while leaving the construction in place.


The result was unlike any suit you’ve ever worn. At just under a pound, it is half the weight of a normal suit in a super 150’s wool. The coat feels like you’re wearing a slightly more structured shirt. The trousers… well, you’ll forget they’re there.


We can make up these suits in any number of configurations with as much or as little padding as you’d like. The grey that Larry is showing is slightly more structured than the blue, but no less comfortable.

IMG_3306 (1)

This summer, sacrifice weight without sacrificing an ounce of style. Call Larry today.

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