They Grow ‘Em BIG in Louisiana


That’s a size 43 belt, made tip to tail of american alligator, handmade, hand burnished, and about to be hand-delivered. To find one piece of alligator hide this long, AND unblemished is almost impossible. Almost. We have one in black, too. Consider that the average adult male alligator grows to 14′ long. This took a chunk of homegrown gator to make a length of bespoke belt.

This is a belt that will literally last longer than the life-span of your typical alligator (that would be 30 – 50 years.)

How much would a belt like that cost? Add in a gold plate or silver Italian buckle? Now keep in mind that if you were to buy a 14′ alligator, it would run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $400, unskinned. Then there’s the tanning of the hide (see photo above as our belt catches some rays….), hand dying, burnishing, bonding by a patented process (which made sure belts submerged in the factory after Hurricane Katrina were unaffected by their return to their aquatic environment), hand drilling the holes and painting the edges….. well that gator sure is adding up.


Save yourself the trouble. Leviner Wood’s Bespoke Alligator Belts: $425. And they fit better in the Christmas stocking, too….

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