There’s Hope Yet

… And Dean, and best of all, Johnny Carson. Pros all.

Do you remember when Carson would come out and flash the lining of his sport coat? Maybe not. If you were wearing custom clothing then you would have noticed it. Especially when it got really wild. That lining said it all, didn’t it? Serious professional who was having wayyy too much fun. He didn’t always nail it, witness the “brace” above, as Deano called it.

They were all having wayyy too much fun. And the funny thing is, they were all dressed well while doing it.

Can the same thing be said about today’s late-night stars? We were just wondering here at Leviner Wood, since Conan O’Brien’s $33 MILLION dollar severance package went through today.

We hope he puts at least some of it back into his wardrobe.

And we hope that this year, you’ll put some of the fun back into dressing seriously. There are some wonderful paisley linings, vibrant twills, and a few shades that will really pop. Whenever you remove your jacket that is. Or flash the crowd.

That’s part of the fun of having your clothes made, late night host or not.

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