The Winter Classics by VBC

There is a crispness to the mornings now that has us here at Leviner Wood looking forward to cleaning and storing our spring/summer wardrobe pieces and rotating in our fall and winter garments. Seasonal dressing should be fun. It gets us out of our routine and lets us embrace the cooler weather. It’s an attitude refresher. And after last year, don’t we deserve one?

Which brings us to Vitale Barberis Canonico’s Winter Classics. Think a heavier worsted wool that will tailor, drape, and wear beautifully.

But don’t panic! When we say “heavier” we don’t mean the stuff that our grandfathers wore. In their very Italian way, VBC has lightened up the fabrics (some of them are lighter than the spring/summer worsted that you’re wearing now) without sacrificing that luxurious flannel-y feel.

(Can’t you just feel that fabric?)

Of course you always have the option of choosing a partial lining, or even a fully deconstructed piece to really push things into the “light as a sweater” realm. That’s part of the deal when you get a garment custom-made. You can choose to include traditional hacking pockets (they are slightly slanted), a ticket pocket, inside pockets on the coat that zipper shut for extra security, throat latches, surgeon’s cuffs that actually unbutton like those in the photo above. (At the turn of the last century, a man would never take off his suit coat in public. It would be like appearing in his underwear. Surgeon’s cuffs allowed a doctor to operate while his sleeves were rolled up.) Would you like flat front trousers, or pleats that allow for drape and movement ending in a cuff that adds a bit of weight and keeps the pleats straight? The possibilities are wonderful to contemplate.

(If it looks this good on the hanger, wait until you put it on.)

Call and schedule an appointment to go over the swatches and pick your favorite. Like the song says: “I feel it in the air/the summer’s out of reach… .” Feel as good as you look this season in a winter classic.

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