The Well-Dressed Traveler

Meet Mr. Michael Ostrow, interior designer to the stars in LA, and a Leviner Wood client.

You’ll notice that he is neither in LA nor in Richmond in the photo. That’s a self-portrait taken on The Great Wall of China a couple of days ago. Michael is seen wearing his Leviner Wood custom shirt with the longer club (rounded) collar.

He will certainly stand out from the hordes of jean-shorted-fanny-pack-be-sneakered tourists.

Which is exactly what you’d expect from a Leviner Wood client. If your custom clothing is as comfortable as it is, why not represent your country with taste and style, as Michael does here at The Forbidden City wearing his Leviner Wood custom club collar shirt with a collar pin, coat and tie?

What pieces do you normally travel with? Send us a photo and we’ll feature it in an upcoming post.

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