The Way He Wears His Hat

As far as we can tell there are two reasons that a man won’t wear a real hat.

The first is that no one else seems to be wearing a real hat and therefore it can’t be cool. As a Leviner Wood client you are already better tailored and wear suits, ties, sportcoats and trousers far more often than 4/5ths of the population at large. The cool kids have enormous holes in their ears from “ear gauges” and more tattoos than you’d see at a Merchant Marine convention.

The second reason is that you don’t think you’ll look good in one. Now that’s a valid concern. Valid, just not true. You see, you just haven’t found the right hat for your face. Ask Jeff Begin.

Jeff’s face is all angles and he has a small head.In Hollywood, he’d be cast as a cowboy (and that’s a whole other hat issue). In a Trilby, or Fedora with a larger brim and a crease, he would add more angles to that rugged visage. With a stingy brim model Fedora, worn uncreased, he’s found his hat. It’s the same sort that another angular-faced guy who knew his hats — and his face — used to choose.

Leviner Wood is pleased to announce that we will be carrying a number of models of Selentino hats to compliment your wardrobe, stop in a try on one or two to find what looks best on you. You may be amazed.

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