The Versatility of Plaid. The Comfort of Silk and Wool.

You wouldn’t think that plaids are that versatile, would you? But look closer, we did and were pleasantly surprised.

Now we knew that this swatch was particularly handsome and with the silk/wool mix featured a beautiful “hand,” but we didn’t think it was going to pair so beautifully with jeans, khakis, blue, sage or grey trousers. Or white trousers for a Sunday outing, for that matter. Nice buttons, eh?

Silk and Wool Detail

Playing it safe, we checked through the Leviner Wood tie racks and chose an understated Carolina Blue solid repp and pindotted pocket square. The choice of a lightly striped tan and blue or all white shirt is entirely yours.

SIlk and Wool Sportcoat

Then we discovered a bit of orange in the fabric and a tie that had a bit of blue and white to the pattern. We’d wear this with the palest of blue shirts (which also looks spectacular worn open collared beneath this sport coat.)


Patterned clothing is much more versatile than we give it credit for being. So next time you’re at the studio, give the plaids a second — and a third! — look. There is a lot to admire.

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