The (up)Shot on What to Drink with Caviar


Well, for those of you who couldn’t make it last Friday, we’re providing a few shots of the festivities over the next week or so. Safe to say that the first Leviner Wood Holiday Open House was a lot of fun. We say first, because it was more than enough fun that we’d like to do it again. Special thanks to those who forwarded our invitation to friends. We enjoyed meeting everybody and the bubbles, caviar and vodka were fantastic.

Which brings us to a common misconception. Blame Bond, James Bond who was more likely to order a bottle of Bollinger to accompany his beluga. With all his cold war experience with the Russians, you’d think he’d know better. The best accompaniment to fish roe is vodka. Specifically, iced shots of vodka. (And who doesn’t love a good bottle of bubble?)

Being patriots, we decided to serve sustainable American paddlefish roe from the Yellow Umbrella. If you’ve ever wondered about trying the local stuff, here’s what David and his crew say:

Hackleback caviar is often called the American equivalent to Russian sevruga caviar, though it is less expensive. It is harvested from hackleback sturgeon.

Like all caviar, hackleback caviar refers to fish roe or fish eggs, which can come in a variety of color and flavors depending upon the fish from which they are derived. Hackleback caviar is black caviar, but actually may be found in a dark gray color too.

If you’re used to small types of roe, hackleback caviar can make quite an interesting change, since the eggs are much larger. Connoisseurs of caviar especially find the deep and nutlike taste of this roe appealing. It’s often sold in place of sevruga sturgeon caviar caught in the Caspian Sea because the flavor is remarkably similar.

This great American caviar is harvested from the Spoonbill of the Mississippi and Tennessee rivers. This roe can be slightly smaller than most other caviars, but rivals Sevruga in looks, with its silver-grayish pearls, while still a lower-cost alternative. The flavor is earthier, yet still buttery and mild, with a softer texture in the eggs.

And while we’re staying local, you’ll notice that that’s a bottle of Cirrus potato vodka, distilled and bottled right here in Richmond on Stockton Street.

Remember both the next time you break the bank at Monoco. Think Global. Party Local with Leviner Wood Custom Tailors and Shirtmakers in Richmond, VA.

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