The Ultimate Summer Suit.

“Hazy, hot and humid…” Summer’s coming. But that doesn’t mean that you stop doing business, or that you no longer need to look professional in front of your clients, the courts, and banks. Besides, we still work and live in climate controlled environments.

In summer, traditional fabrics of seersucker, cotton or linen make up the variety of business and leisure clothing that have kept men cooler for decades, But if you’re not in the guaranteed-to-wrinkle-and-look-good-doing-it camp (which really is fine for work, by the way), Leviner Wood still has you (barely) covered.

We’ve adopted some new tailoring techniques from the south of Italy, where they also know a thing or two about really hot weather. Leviner Wood is introducing a seriously lightweight suit this year. The secret is in the construction of both the fabric and the garment itself; to begin with, we’ve removed all the padding and the lining. There is nothing to get in the way of a cooling breeze. You’ve got to try it to believe it. Your build provides the structure of the coat, while the way the fabric is cut and formed retains the the shape (and stature!) of the traditional suit.

Traditional or wearable tech, call Larry today and set your appointment to have your ultimate summer suit ready for the dog days.


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