The Ultimate in Handmade Cloth: Harris Tweed.

There is tweed, and then there is Harris Tweed.

But what makes this almost instantly recognizable fabric so special? In a word, the producers. You see, each stage of making Harris Tweed is carried out by one mill, with the exception of the weaving itself, which, by an Act of Parliament, can only be done in the of the homes of the locals who live on the islands of Harris, Lewis, Uist, and Barra in the Outer Hebrides of the UK.

Oh, there is no automation allowed during the weaving process, either. How many other products can boast the same thing in this day and age?

Even the base colors, there are a few dozen, that go into making all the other colors in these unique fabrics are made using natural methods from the flora of the islands — plants, lichen, spring and river water — I’m surprised it hasn’t been labeled “organic.”

After the making and weaving of the tweed, it still has to be inspected and deemed worthy to be stamped with the Orb certification before it is released to make you an heirloom-worthy garment. Owning clothing made of Harris Tweed is truly something special.

New colors and patterns available now! Get together with Larry and be ready to wear your Harris Tweed as soon as the weather turns.

By (originally uploaded by de:User:Momo – (selbst fotografiert, 20.02.2005), CC BY-SA 3.0,
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