The Top Ten Reasons You’ve Chosen to Use Leviner Wood


Now that we’ve established what we mean by custom tailoring and shirtmaking, and why you should choose to have your clothing made for you, we thought it might be useful to let you know why our clients choose Leviner Wood.

We asked, and surprisingly to some, it’s more than just fit. Here’s what our studies revealed.

10. Delivery Time. We out-deliver all other custom tailors: typically four weeks to complete your suit, two and a half for your shirts.

9. We Listen. We create garments that reflect your personal style and tastes.

8. The Leviner Wood Townhouse. Leviner Wood’s townhouse offers you an inviting, clubby setting to ensure that your experience is casual and comfortable. Our open houses are always informative and a great place to meet.

7. Fabric Selection. There is no store that has as many garments in your size and choices of fabric with which to make them.

6. Value. You will always receive incredibly well-tailored US made garments at a fair price. Leviner Wood makes the garments you want to wear.

5. Service. Here or in your office or home, you get one-on-one attention. Our standard operating procedure doesn’t exist anywhere else. Unless it’s in Chicago, New York, Delaware, Washington, or anywhere else we travel to meet with you.

4. Privately Owned. Our owners are your tailors. You shouldn’t have to deal with frequent salesperson turnover.

3. Time is Money. How would you rather spend your free time? For the majority of you, we imagine shopping wouldn’t make the cut. Efficient by thorough, we can meet at your home, in your office or at our townhouse. Once we’ve worked together for awhile, you can even phone it in.

2. Product Line. We have it all. There is no need to spend your time trolling the mall.

1. And first and foremost you have told us that you like our sales approach. We are clothiers first, “closers” second. We create relationships with out clients to build your wardrobe over time. We make it easy. We make it fun.

Try us on for size.

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