The Sweet Spot: New Fabrics, Same Prices.

Just one of the eight or so books of new swatches that just arrived.

This is the sweet spot, the new fabrics are in, last season’s fabrics that you’ve been eyeing are still available, the pricing hasn’t budged. It’s win-win.

“What?” You say. “That’s because it still is last season… .”

Yes and no. Remember, this isn’t an off-the-rack piece of …. clothing… this is your Leviner Wood custom-tailored garment waiting to be commissioned and made up. And that, my friend, takes about five weeks to make happen. Which puts us smack at Spring’s door.

I’d put up more photos, but they don’t do the fabrics justice. There is some beautiful stuff here, come take a look. Call Larry to schedule an appointment today. 804.928.7946.

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