The Southern Suit for Summer

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer…. Except you’ve still got to go to a few places that call for a suit. And in that case, nothing beats a traditional Southern summer fabric like seersucker. (OK, it originated in India, but it’s about as Southern as you can get.)


Seersucker’s weave — those ridges formed by the weft and warp of the fabric — ensures that only 30% of the material touches your skin at any one time. Bonus — you can’t see through it as you can with some of the unlined linens out there and the weight is significantly less than even cotton poplin.

Need to keep your cool during the dog days? Learn what generations of Southern Gentleman have to teach you. Sure it’s hot in summer, but you’ll reman stylish and as cool as possible in a seersucker suit from Leviner Wood.

Call Larry today, they go fast the warmer it gets.

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