The Shoulders of Giants


What is our Olympic takeaway at Leviner Wood? The judges look for perfection. Take the two men above; both well-known and respected journalists with the wherewithal to afford expert tailoring.

No tie. Blue shirt. Blue jacket. Apples to apples. Who do you think took home the gold?

Mr. Costas, whose 1980’s style extended shoulders make him look as old and tired as his jacket, is clearly the runner-up to Mr. Holt, with his clean chest, fitted collar and superb shoulders.

Mr. Holt’s expert advice probably sounded something like: “It all starts with the shoulders. Good shoulders should end where your shoulders end. A higher armhole will give you more range of motion than those one-size-fits-all deeper-cut, which leave too much material to bind to your upper arms and limit your movements. Good shoulders and the higher armhole make for a collar that hugs your neck while the jacket moves with you, instead of you sloshing around in an ill-fitting coat.”

While those at the top of their game stand on the shoulders of giants who came before them, they shouldn’t look as if they’re wearing their clothes, too.

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