The Seersucker Jacket. The Summer Blazer.

A great all-American staple of the Southern wardrobe, the seersucker suit screams hazy, hot, humid, traditional wear. No less an esteemed personage than Atticus Finch braved the heat (all sorts of heat) in the full three-piece version in “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

But we here at Leviner Wood feel that it is the seersucker jacket which is as useful to summer as the two-button navy blazer is in cooler weather. Stylish, correct, casual and cooler (thanks to its textured weave that keeps the fabric away from your skin) than its linen, cotton twill and wool counterparts, the seersucker jacket — in two or two-roll-three buttons — looks good with worsted gray trousers, khakis and jeans. Pair it with a crisp broadcloth button down, a polo shirt, even a t-shirt for casual but not sloppy looks. Meeting clients on Friday? Dress it up with a traditional bow tie, a madras cotton tie or a whimsical mini-print Hèrmes knock-off.

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