The Prince’s (Like) New Clothes?

Prince Charles and His Rewoven Coat

If you look closely at the bottom of HRH’s suit coat, you’ll notice a substantial overweaving. No, it’s not perfect, but that suit has been with him for a long time and was made, we suspect, by Anderson & Sheppard of Savile Row.

Why throw out an otherwise perfectly good suit? You’ve made it yours through years of use. If it was well constructed, it now fits you like a glove. We recommend wearing it in good health. Patch it up correctly with an overweave or, if possible, a French reweave (or inweave, which is almost invisible.)

A handmade suit has a soul and like the rest of us, it will collect a few dings with age. Tell a story and wear your scars, both sartorial and physical with pride.


Leviner Wood recommends Reweaving of Richmond.

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