The Perfect Outerwear: Leviner Wood’s Camelhair Topcoat

It’s hard to understand why, here in Central Virginia, you may need a topcoat. Although, with morning temperatures in the 20’s, you may be rethinking that stance. Sure, you may not wear it every day. You may only save it for those occasions when you need an extra layer of comfort and warmth. You may opt to wear it with blue jeans and a cashmere turtleneck on Fridays or over the weekend. You may toss it over your sport coat, your suit or your tux. This one does equally well in all situations — casual to formal — thanks to its clean lines and luxurious “hand.”

Leviner Wood’s Camelhair (yes, “harvested” by hand the old fashioned way, which means picked up from the ground and washed) Topcoat. Made to your measurements. Stand out from the sea of black and blue — in a good way.

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