The Other Dress Shirt

How about last week’s temps, huh? I was in Austin, TX and it was slightly cooler than it was here in Richmond, VA. That’s hot.

The heat didn’t slow me down though. Well, maybe a little bit. But I still hiked all over the place, straw hat firmly in place (not a lot of shade in Austin…), espadrilles keeping my feet cool, and day or night, a long sleeve linen shirt.

Long sleeves? Yes! It is a universal fact of the 21st century that when Americans live in hot places, we set our air-conditioners at 68-70 degrees, and leave them there. Coming in from temps that register on either side of one hundred, it can get downright chilly. Hence, the long sleeves. Long sleeves also look good under an unlined sport coat. (Unlined=breathable. Breathable=comfortable.)

It all makes sense, you’re saying to yourself.

WAIT!!??!? LINEN???!!?!?!

You can’t wear linen. You’ll wrinkle. I couldn’t wear linen, I’d wrinkle….

That’s what just flashed through your mind, right? Well, yes. I did wrinkle a bit. I also wore my shirts untucked and furthermore, I wore linen blend trousers with ’em!

Aside from the folks taking a dip in the Barton Springs Pool, I was the coolest guy in town. One of the better dressed, too.

Casual day or evening wear choices for summer.

I even got two uses out of a shirt. I’d wear the pressed shirt with an undershirt to dinner, and the next day recycle it to wear walking around the city. (Oh, by the way, packed them all in a backpack using a shirt board. They looked great when I unpacked.)

A long sleeve linen shirt strikes just the right note between formal and casual, especially when you control the design. Prefer spread collars? Hidden button-downs? Chest pockets? Hidden plackets? Shorter lengths to wear untucked? Stripes, checks, plaids or solids? Split yokes? Colored buttons? Monograms? That’s the beauty of Leviner Wood Custom, we won’t leave you looking like a baggy, wrinkled, off-the-rack standard mess.

If you’re serious about looking good and staying comfortable, you owe it to yourself to try a few linen dress shirts. Call Larry today, while we still have the fabrics in stock!
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