The Novelty Wears Off


‘Tis the season. Everywhere you look you will begin to notice novelty clothing. At Leviner Wood, we’re all for the discreet print championed by Hermès, but we are forced to draw the line at gaudy holiday prints that leap from the necks of otherwise perfectly sane men. We suggest instead a discreet wool plaid or one of our silk wovens in a traditional holiday color of green, red, gold or silver. Convincing that someone special to present you with a gift certificate means that you won’t be stuck having to suffer in novelty tie Hell when you open your gift.

For those of you looking to add more color to your traditionally sober business wear, consider an odd vest of red wool, black watch tartan or dark green to wear with your blazers, herringbone tweed or camel hair sportcoats. Our cashmere sweaters perform equally well worn casually or under a suit, always classic and suitable for any holiday party. Their novelty won’t wear off anytime soon.

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