The Most Exciting Two Minutes at the Bar… errr… Track

The first weekend in May is almost upon us and mother’s day close on its heels. What mother wouldn’t like a set of sterling silver mint julep cups? Give them to her early.

(Silver Plate Julep Cupa bit more affordable.)

Yes, it’s time for the Kentucky Derby and that means, if you don’t have any growing in the garden, you should buy your mint today as there won’t be any left by Saturday morning. You do make a decent julep don’t you?

Leviner Wood’s Mint Julep

1/2 Tablespoon of powdered sugar

6- 10 mint leaves

Bourbon (2 shots). They use Woodford Reserve® at the Derby, feel free to substitute. We like the 90 proof Virginia Gentleman Fox hunting bottle. Purists insist on Kentucky whiskey.

Ice, crushed

In the bottom of your glass or silver cup, muddle the mint leaves with the sugar. Don’t destroy the leaves, just crush them up until you get a good whiff of the mint. Add the Bourbon, stir. Add the crushed ice. Stir again. Garnish with more mint leaf if you like or just rub one around the lip of the cup to give it the flavor. Drink as the ice melts into the drink. Repeat as necessary depending on your filly’s performance.

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