The Modern Flight Jacket


The bi-swing back. That’s the pleated shoulder on the back of a jacket. It lets you get in a lot of movement, if you need it. Like when you’re pushing the stick forward into a steep dive or shrugging into a parachute harness and Mae West. It’s a feature that the guys in that photo above would’ve found very useful.

Of course it works equally well for a golf swing. Or shifting gears in the convertible. Which is why a lot of flight jackets made it back to the world after the fight. Not many of cotton versions that replaced the G-1 in the Pacific Theatre did though. They’re rare, cotton khaki being what it is. But in the warmer conditions they were most appreciated.


And those leather versions are great for open cockpits and high altitudes over Europe.


Not so much for everyday wear though. Which is why we decided to offer you a lightweight ultrasuede jacket modelled on the famous leather A-2 Flight Jacket. More rugged than cotton, more flexible than leather, more water repellant, stain resistant and packable than either, Leviner Wood’s Ultrasuede Flight Jacket was made for the golf course, the convertible, or business travel. Or just showing off your IWC Portuguese Regulator in white gold with an F A Jones manual wind Caliber… like Jeff is here.

Leviner Wood’s Ultrasuede Flight Jacket. Regularly priced at USD$189, now offered to our readers for US$135.

You just have to figure out what to paint on it. (And yes, we embroider.)

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