The Last Boot You’ll Ever Have to Buy: AE Shell Cordovan Dalton


When AE asked Jim Dayton, an award-winning architect and protégé of Frank Gehry, to design their new retail store prototype, they never planned for him to create a shoe as well. But, by using authentic materials in his store design like Wisconsin red birch and touches of the cork that cushions Allen Edmond’s shoes, he did such a great job capturing the company’s personality that they asked him to bring the same aesthetic sensibilities to a pair of shoes. In creating this seven-eyelet blucher boot, Dayton used his architect’s sharp-eye to perfectly balance the silhouette of the rounded, full toe with the extended calf-high upper. Similarly, the toe medallion and perforations on the back-stay and wingtip combine to accentuate the boot’s heartier features, like the Rendenbach leather sole, and create a blueprint for both elegance and strength. Tucked under blue jeans or a blue suit, they present a stylish profile while providing the type of ankle stability and support not usually found in a dress shoe. A truly original boot made by a one-of-a-kind artisan, the Dalton is the perfect foundation on which to build a great outfit.

Order by September 23rd, 2012 to ensure you’ll be sporting a custom pair of these limited edition American-made shoes. Delivery by October 22. The special Horween Shell Cordovan boot is not stocked in-store. No returns on custom styles.


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