The In-Betweeners. Point A to Point Better.



Are you a jeans guy?



Or a khakis guy?

That’s usually what it boils down to right?

Doesn’t have to.

You know business dress. You get that. You’re probably pretty good at it if you’ve been wearing a suit for ten to twenty years.

But then they changed the rules on you didn’t they? And, as you’ve gotten a bit older or, as a newbie in the work force, you don’t have many role models (Leviner Wood clients excluded, of course.) Now everybody is a little confused and so they default dress.

Jeans or khakis?

Let’s start talking about in-between clothes. Casual, but sharp-looking. Dressy enough for corporate casual. Great looking enough for a night on the town.

Your first option, a pair of trimmer flannel or grey worsted trousers. Dress ’em up or down. Perfect day-to-evening wear. Also great in navy flannel.


Option two, Let’s talk about checks, baby…..patterned, trimmer cut, flat front trousers in wool or flannel. Pairs well with sweaters, cashmere coats or black leather jackets.


Option three, a bold burst of color in corduroy. Cut trimmer and flat-fronted, these are the essence of preppy cool.

Getting the idea?

We’ll show you how to style those jeans and khakis, too. Why blend? Let’s go from Point A to Point Better.

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